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          Common View GNSS Receiver
          發布者:Synchionization Technology Ltd.  作者:  發布時間:2020-12-24  瀏覽量:345次


              The satellite co-viewing equipment receives GPS and BeiDou satellite signals with built-in high-performance clock source (rubidium clock or crystal oscillator) to realize long-distance high-precision time synchronization or measurement by using satellite co-viewing technology. The device receives external 10MHz, 1PPS signals, outputs 1PPS, B (DC) and other time code pulse signals, and saves RINEX, GGTTS standard co-viewing files.

          Product Function

          • Can co-view via BeiDou (B1/B3) and GPS satellites

          • Can receive external 10MHz, 1PPS+TOD signal to achieve remote measurement or time transmission

          • Can choose rubidium clock or crystal as the clock source and output time and frequency signal

          • RD short message, 4/5G wireless communication, Ethernet and other communication methods can be used to establish a co-viewing link

          • One-point to multi-point time synchronization function can be realized

          • Close range (less than 20km) can be achieved without communication satellite co-viewing

          • RINEX and GGTTS protocols can generate standard data files, which can be obtained through FTP access

          • Co-visual comparison accuracy: zero baseline better than 1ns (1σ) long baseline better than 5ns (1σ) (common) long baseline better than 3ns (1σ) (high precision)

          • The device comes with a microcomputer, which can be directly connected to the monitor to view the device status, data curves

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