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          Phase Noise and Allan Deviation Testers ST8030
          發布者:Synchionization Technology Ltd.  作者:  發布時間:2020-12-15  瀏覽量:337次

          Product Characteristics

          Support phase noise test, stability test, amplitude noise test and other test types.

          Support multiple curve contrast display, save product development time.

          Built-in measurement standard line, convenient for measurement calibration and product testing.

          Supports data storage and export.

          Excellent performance:

          10MHz phase noise:<140dBc@1Hz; <170dBc@10kHz

          Stability of 10MHz:<3E-14/s; <3E-16/1000s

          Product Features


          Measurement Index

          Software operating environment: Win7/Win10

          Reference input: 0.5mhz ~30MHz

          The measured frequency: 0.5mhz ~30MHz

          Stray free range: ≥90dBc

          Signal power range: 5~15dBm (optimal value); -5~20dBm (maximum range)

          Residual frequency stability: ≤4E-14@1s; 5 e or less - 15 @ 10 s

          Residual phase noise: < -140DBC /Hz@1Hz; < - 150 DBC/Hz @ 10 Hz;

          < - 160 dBc/Hz @ 100 Hz; < - 165 DBC/Hz @ 1 KHZ;

          Measurement offset frequency: 0.1Hz~100kHz


          Maximum test time: ≥10 days

          The Power Supply Voltage

          Input voltage: +12Vdc(Vcc±5%)

          Power: ≤15 W

          The Environment

          Working Temperature:   +15-+35

          Storage Temperature:   -40-+85


          Size:   128mmx228mmx24mm

          Signals Interface:   TNC

          Communication Interface:   USB

          Typical test curve


                                   Phase noise background (typical value)                                                                                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Stability background (typical value)

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