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          Time Frequency Synthesis Tester ST100
          發布者:Synchionization Technology Ltd.  作者:  發布時間:2020-12-15  瀏覽量:320次


          The time frequency integrator is a portable test terminal with many functions, such as high precision time code test, high precision frequency stability measurement, phase noise test, time/clock source analysis, time frequency signal output, etc. The products comply with ITU-T, IEEE, EIA and other relevant international and Chinese industry standards, and are widely used in communication, power, rail transit, military, scientific research institutes, measurement units and other relevant time and frequency signal test scenarios.

              Product Features


          Support time and clock combination and simultaneous testing to meet the requirements of different test environments.

          Remote connection test software can be installed on various operating systems.

          Supports manual , automatic and timed testing.

          Test data can be exported via Ethernet or USB interface.

          Handheld terminal,10 inch touch LCD local display control , easy to operate , three step direat.

          The measurement results generate a test report containing curves and test data.

          Product Features


          High Precision Time Frequency Reference Source

          Beidou /GPS satellite time, 1PPS+TOD, IRIG-B and other time references can be received;

          Support external frequency source (10MHz/5MHz) as the test benchmark;

          Built-in high-stability rubidium atomic clock, support external 10MHz fast (10 seconds) taming and second taming, second taming accuracy: better than 3E-11 (15 minutes), better than 1E-12 (60 minutes);

          High Precision Frequency Stability Test

          Support 1MHz~300MHz frequency accuracy and stability of real-time measurement;

          Frequency accuracy test accuracy: 5E-13;

          Accuracy of frequency stability test: 8E-13/1s, 8E-14/10s, 8E-15/100s;

          Support phase noise testing;

          Support simultaneous measurement of 4 channels of measured frequency signals;

          Time-code measurement

          Support 1PPS/1PPX, 1PPS+TOD, IRIG-B (AC), IRIG-B (DC), serial time message, DCF77, DCLS isochronic code, pulse test;

          Support optical B code and optical pulse test;

          Time interval and pulse signal test resolution: 45ps;

          Clock Measurement and Analysis

          Support G. 703 2.048MHz / 2.048Mb /s, SyncE clock analysis; E1 Jitter test (send/receive), drift send, error code test (measure/insert);

          Support clock TIE, MTIE, TDEV, ADEV measurement calculation, and according to G. 811, G.812, G.813, G.823, G.8261 template for comparison and in-depth analysis;

          Support 3-channel G.703 2.048MHz / 2.048Mb /s simultaneous measurement and output;

          Network Measurement

          Support NTP (SNTP, V2, V3, V4) and PTP (1588v2) network time interface, network interface can flexibly configure master-slave mode, suitable for the construction of a variety of test models;

          Support 10G, 1000M, 100M, 10M network environment;

          Support PDV, IPDV testing, real-time statistics, analysis, and storage of timestamp data, convenient for rapid positioning of faults and abnormal analysis;

          Support any network message time stamp and packet capture;

          The Special Test

          Optional high-precision Beidou /GPS satellite co-viewing remote test, the co-viewing accuracy is better than 5NS;

          Optional high-precision fiber bidirectional comparison test, the test uncertainty is better than 100ps;

          Industry tests such as mobile OAM, connectivity and consistency can be selected.

          Optional power time synchronization industry test;

          Optional multi - rubidium clock, crystal vibration testing and calibration.

          Simple Oscilloscope Testing

          Support pulse amplitude, duty cycle and other waveform testing;

          Support trigger sampling and automatic measurement functions;

          Reference Signal Output

          Support 1PPS/1PPX, 1PPS+TOD, IRIG-B (AC), IRIG-B (DC), serial port/network time message, DCF77, NTP/SNTP, PTP (IEEE1588v2), DCLS, 5/10MHz, SyncE, 2.048MHz / 2.048MB /S and other standard time frequency signals;

          Time code output signal deflection: ±500ms, resolution 0.1ns;

          Support configuration 1MHz~300MHz arbitrary frequency signal output;

          Power and Range

          Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery, power adapter DC19V, battery life of 3~4 hours.

          Environmental Conditions

          Working Temperature:-25℃45℃;

          Storage Temperature:-40℃70℃;

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